5 Tips for Hiring a Dependable Paving Company

5 Tips For Hiring a Dependable Paving Company

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Are you considering hiring a block paving or patio contractor to design and install your new driveway or patio? Here are 5 Tips for hiring a dependable paving company to help you along the way, making sure you avoid the pitfalls of over paying, poor workmanship and dodgy cowboys.

Tip 1 – Do your background research

Before you do anything, make sure you do some research on the type of paving you are interested in, i.e. block paving, patio paving, concrete, tarmac etc . This article is a great place to start but take some time to look online and speak to friends or family who can share their own experiences. Why not visit some of the paving manufacturer’s website’s for some inspiration and useful information – try Thomas Armstrong or Oakdale  to start you off.

Try and get an idea of the type of work you would like doing, maybe even print some photos of jobs you like for inspiration. But most importantly, know the questions that you need to ask a potential contractor.


Tip 2 – Get Multiple Quotes

A general rule of thumb when tackling any home improvement project – get at least 3 quotes. Agree what work you would like doing with any potential contractor and try and make sure that the quotes are like for like. Compare warranty, price and the materials they propose to use. Are there any hidden costs? Check that waste removal is included in your quote.

Let each contractor know you are obtaining multiple quotes, and set a time limit for your comparisons. Gather the quotes together as they come in and rank them based on the initial meeting, professionalism of the quotation, price and other important elements of the project.

Tip 3 – Ask About The Contractors Reputation and Experience

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How is the contractor’s reputation? Ask if anyone you know has heard of them or has had experience with them. Social Media such as Facebook or Twitter is great way get a feel for a company, ask friends and family online or see if the contractor has their own social media page. Here you will get a great idea of the kind of feedback they generally have.

Check their website and local listings online or even the phone book if you want to do it the old fashioned way! How long has the company been in business? Did the contractor supply a list of current references? Does their website showcase any Customer Testimonials? Have they completed any work in your area? Is the firm listed on a trusted trader comparison website such as Checked and Vetted? There should be plenty of reviews about their work on these sites.

Most importantly, go and check out some of their previous work. The contractor should be happy to provide some recent references, you could either just drive past and have a look at the workmanship of the paving work or go one step further and get in touch with past customers for a verbal reference. If they were happy with the job and the contractor they should be happy to share their experience with you, similarly if they’ve had a bad experience then they will probably be more than willing to share this with you too.

professional block paving checked and vetted page

Professional Block Paving’s Checked and Vetted page

Tip 4 – Get a Detailed Written Quotation

Many less reputable paving contractors have their sales pitch down to a fine art, and can fool even the most discerning customer. Protect yourself by insisting on a written contract/quotation before paying any deposit or signing any papers. Ideally this should include:

  • Total job cost, including any applicable VAT
  • Payment Terms
  • Warranty Coverage
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Detailed sketch/image of the work to be undertaken including area to be paved and site notes

Read everything through carefully to be sure that you will receive exactly what the contractor outlined during the sales pitch. Due diligence has saved many homeowners from hiring mistakes, lost investments and severe headaches.

Negotiate payment terms that support both parties. Many contractors require a deposit, either to confirm your booking or pay for materials up front. The balance of your project will likely be due upon completion, but be sure to have a good look at the paving before releasing final payment. If your project does not comply with the details set out in your written contract, appeal to the contractor and insist on proper completion.


Tip 5 – What to avoid and what to look for

Avoid out-of-area contractors, unless they have worked extensively in your area over a long period of time. Many disreputable contractors shift from region to region, moving on when their workmanship and poor business practices catch up with them.

Look for above average work, fair prices, experienced installers and a solid warranty when hiring the best paving contractor. Follow these tips to find a paving company you can rely on for quality work and dependable service. Your property is worth the time to research and hire wisely.


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